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Massa Episode 27
Submitted by: Col3neg on 29 Oct 2022 (9:02 PM). Hosted on the Internet | Viewed 4824 times
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Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today led the Opposition attack over the Adani-Hindenburg issue accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government of pulling strings in his favour. MORE..

8 Feb 2023 (3:10 PM)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will make his first visit to the United Kingdom on Wednesday since the Russian invasion of his country, Downing Street said. MORE..

8 Feb 2023 (4:20 PM)

Families in southern Turkey and Syria spent a second night in the freezing cold on Wednesday as overwhelmed rescuers raced to pull people from the rubble two days after a massive earthquake that killed more than 9,600 people. MORE..

8 Feb 2023 (5:16 PM)

One lane of Olcott Mawatha in Fort has been closed for traffic owing to a protest march by several trade unions.

8 Feb 2023 (2:22 PM)

Minister of Labour and Foreign Employment Manusha Nanayakkara met with Oman s Under Secretary of Diplomatic Affairs, Sheikh Khalifa bin Issa Alharthy this morning (08 Feb.). MORE..

8 Feb 2023 (7:53 PM)

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