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Sangawanna Oya Nil Nuwan - Rookantha Gunathilaka
Submitted by: Col3neg on 8 Feb 2013 (1:02 PM). Hosted on the Internet | Viewed 12881 times
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Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday hit out at the BJP government over rising inflation and unemployment and warned that India "looks a lot like Sri Lanka". MORE..

19 May 2022 (2:26 AM)

The Department of Meteorology says the south-west monsoon is established over the island. MORE..

19 May 2022 (9:07 AM)

Prima Ceylon (Pvt) Limited has increased the price of wheat flour by Rs. 40.00 per kilogram. MORE..

19 May 2022 (12:41 PM)

The water supply for several areas in Colombo will be interrupted for 10 hours on Saturday (May 21), the National Water Supply Drainage Board (NWS DB) says. MORE..

18 May 2022 (8:24 PM)

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