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Residents of Lake Jackson, Texas, in the United States (US), have been warned about using tap water after a deadly brain-eating microbe was found in the city s public water supply. MORE..

27 Sep 2020 (6:50 PM)

A member of the Ipalogama Pradeshiya Sabha, along with 02 others, has been arrested for the possession of heroin. MORE..

26 Sep 2020 (2:16 PM)

A person transporting gold worth over Rs 40 million has been arrested near the Karaba Lagoon area in Puttalam. MORE..

27 Sep 2020 (11:37 AM)

India has offered a Line of Credit worth USD 100 million to Sri Lanka for three solar projects in the country, according to an official statement. MORE..

27 Sep 2020 (10:15 AM)

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